Hamilton Roddis Memorial Lecture Series

forest sceneThe Hamilton Roddis Memorial Lecture Series honors the late Hamilton Roddis. His family, friends and university beneficiaries are pleased to honor the man and his extraordinary accomplishments.

Lecture Transcripts:

With Vision There is Hope – Bruce Vincent, 2013

Challenges Facing United States Forests and the Forestry Sector – Mark Rey, 2011

Recent Growth Increases in an Eastern Forest — A Response to Climate Change? – Geoffrey Parker, 2010

Global Warming: Science, Economics, Ethics – Iain Murray, 2009

Wisconsin Flying Trees: Wisconsin Plywood Industry’s Contribution to WWII – Sara Connor, 2007

Wood: The Foundation of Civilization – John Perlin, 2005

Measuring the Impacts from Climate Change – Robert Mendelsohn, 2001

Pacific Spirit — The Forest Reborn – Dr. Patrick Moore, 1999

Everything I Really Needed to Know About Forestry I Learned from My Parents – Nadine Bailey, 1998

A Challenge To Resource Managers and Conservation Biologists – Thomas M. Bonnicksen, 1995

The Maturing Lake States Forests: A Growing Policy Dilemma – Robert N. Stone, 1994

Lake States Forests: A Sustainable and Appreciating Regional Asset – Henry H. Webster, 1994

Energy, Environment, Economics and Forest Resource Management – Con Schallau, 1993

Simulating Past and Forecasting Future Climates – Reid A. Bryson, 1993

Responsible Environmentalism: Forests, People, Raw Material Needs, and Environmental Protection – Jim L. Bowyer, 1992