Lodging Rates

Fee Schedule for Lodging (Effective January 1, 2016)

Fees are assessed according to the type of use:

     UW-Madison, Research, Instruction or Outreach: $18.00 per person per night

     UW System, Research, Instruction or Outreach: $20.00 per person per night

     Non-UW System, Research, Instruction or Outreach: $22.00 per person per night

     Conference or Meeting: $40.00 per person per night

     The Cabin is subject to a minimum fee equivalent to that of three person nights.

Groups or individuals who request exclusive use of Kemp facilities will be required to pay for the entire lodging space requested, not just the beds used.

Please inform Karla Ortman or Scott Bowe of all family members and friends staying on-site. These users are subject to the same fee structures and rules as bona fide Station users. Lodging fees apply to all individuals aged 3 or older.


The conference/meeting fee is $5.00 per person-day when lodging is not required. Minimum charge is $50.00 per day. Recommended capacity is 30 persons. Users must submit a copy of their conference/meeting agenda when requesting Station facilities. Food service is the responsibility of the requesting person or group. Organizers should indicate whether the Kitchen & Dining Hall is required when scheduling their conference or meeting.


The Station offers long-term users a 30% lodging discount. This rate is available to any type of usage (research, instruction, or outreach) associated with a particular research project or educational event for which there are 28 calendar nights* of lodging in 3 consecutive months. Once qualifying for the discount, it applies to all use associated with same project or event for the entire calendar year, including nights stayed prior to qualification (discount will be calculated for paid invoices and applied to future invoice/s). *Calendar nights are just that and should not be confused with person-nights.