Kemp Natural Resources Station Policy Statement


Kemp Natural Resources Station is a University of Wisconsin-Madison facility managed by the College of Agricultural & Life Sciences and dedicated to programs of research, instruction, and outreach concerning the management, conservation, and preservation of northern Wisconsin’s natural resources.


Conduct research on the ecology, management, conservation, and preservation of northern Wisconsin’s natural resources. Transfer information on natural resources management, conservation, and preservation to students of all ages. Enhance public awareness of current natural resources issues.

I. Uses of Kemp Natural Resources Station

Eligible users of Kemp Natural Resources Station include:

  • University of Wisconsin-Madison faculty, staff, and students,
  • Representatives of research or educational institutions, and
  • Resource managers from public and private agencies

who are conducting official business that relates to the spirit and mission of Kemp Station.

Specific uses include:

Research and Demonstration

Researchers wishing to use Kemp Station for scientific purposes must complete a Project Information Request Form. Be certain to select KEMP for the Project Location.

Undergraduate and Graduate Instruction

Kemp Station is used extensively during the spring and fall for undergraduate and graduate instruction. Only official university or college courses listed in the timetable are considered Instructional use.


Kemp Station is available to persons or groups conducting public education workshops or classes that are consistent with the mission of the Station.

Conference & Meeting

Kemp Station is available to persons and groups conducting conferences that are consistent with the mission of the Station. Such use, however, receives a lower priority than research, instructional, and outreach activities. Consequently, conference and meeting uses are accommodated as space allows.

Competing or conflicting requests are addressed on a case-by-case basis by the Station superintendent and the parties involved. In the event that a compromise cannot be negotiated, the matter is referred to the CALS Agricultural Research Stations Committee for resolution. This committee has ultimate authority on resource/facility allocation.

Questions about the use of Kemp Station should be directed to:

Karla A. Ortman
Scott Bowe

II. Reservations

Station capacity is 60 persons; 30 in the Lodge, 6 in the Cabin, and 24 in the Mead Residence Hall. The Lodge, Cabin, and Kitchen & Dining Hall facilities are generally available from April 15 to November 1 each year. Mead Residence Hall, the Connor Forestry Center, and the Laboratory and Office facilities are available year round.

Reservation requests for the next calendar year are accepted after October 1. Requests received by October 31 will be booked beginning November 1 and confirmed by November 15. Requests received after October 31 will be booked as space allows, on a first come, first served basis. Priority is given to research and instructional uses.

Reservation requests can be made on-line at www.kemp.wisc.edu.

Space is assigned based on use, group size and space availability. The Mead Residence Hall is used primarily by long-term researchers from May through August.

Groups using the Lodge are assigned to specific rooms. Each group is expected to utilize only the rooms reserved for them unless a) they are the only group using the Lodge, or b) arrangements are made and accepted by the other party sharing the Lodge. Common facilities such as the Lodge living room, bath and shower areas, and Kitchen & Dining Hall are available to all Lodge users.

III. Fee Schedule for Lodging (Effective January 1, 2016)

Fees are assessed according to the type of use:

     UW-Madison, Research, Instruction or Outreach: $18.00 per person per night

     UW System, Research, Instruction or Outreach: $20.00 per person per night

     Non-UW System, Research, Instruction or Outreach: $22.00 per person per night

     Conference or Meeting: $40.00 per person per night

     The Cabin is subject to a minimum fee equivalent to that of three person nights.

Groups or individuals who request exclusive use of Kemp facilities will be required to pay for the entire lodging space requested, not just the beds used.

Please inform Karla Ortman or Scott Bowe of all family members and friends staying on-site. These users are subject to the same fee structures and rules as bona fide Station users. Lodging fees apply to all individuals aged 3 or older.

Fee Schedule for Day Use Only (Without lodging)

Several classrooms are available for day use only.

Partial day use (up to 6 hours): $2/person, but groups <10 are $25 flat fee

Full day use: $4/person, but groups <10 are $40 flat fee

In all cases, the meeting room use fee will be waived if at least 10% of the group pays for overnight lodging.

Users must submit a copy of their conference/meeting agenda when requesting Station facilities. Food service is the responsibility of the requesting person or group. Organizers should indicate whether the kitchen space is required when scheduling their conference or meeting.

Long Term Lodging Discount

The Station offers long-term users a 30% lodging discount. This rate is available to any type of usage (research, instruction, or outreach) associated with a particular research project or educational event for which there are 28 calendar nights* of lodging in 3 consecutive months. Once qualifying for the discount, it applies to all use associated with same project or event for the entire calendar year, including nights stayed prior to qualification (discount will be calculated for paid invoices and applied to future invoice/s). *Calendar nights are just that and should not be confused with person-nights.

IV. Lodging Deposit, Cancellations, & Changes to Reservations

If requested, a deposit equal to one-half of the anticipated lodging bill is required. This deposit is due 31 days prior to your arrival and will be applied toward the final bill.

Please notify Karla Ortman (715-358-5667) of any changes in dates or group size. This notification helps Station staff plan cleaning and maintenance and may free space for other users.

Cancellations or adjustment to your arrival or departure dates are sometimes unavoidable and will be accommodated without penalty if notification is received prior to the scheduled arrival. Failure to give 10 days notice of your cancellation or changes may result in a charge equal to 100% of your anticipated lodging bill.

We are sensitive to the difficulty in predicting attendance months in advance of a Station event; however, groups which arrive with less than 50% of reserved numbers will be subject to a similar 50% penalty on the difference between actual and reserved attendance if notification is not received at least 10 days prior to your group’s arrival.

V. Payment Information

Payment can be made by check or, for UW-Madison departments, by InterDepartmental Billing. Lodging deposits and final payments should be made payable to the Kemp Natural Resources Station and mailed or delivered to:

Karla Ortman
Kemp Natural Resources Station
9161 Kemp Road
Woodruff WI 54568

Payment in full is expected within 60 days of the invoice date, unless other arrangements have been made.

After 60 days, a late fee of $15 per month from the invoice date will be charged.

VI. User Responsibilities

Check-in and Departure

Visitors to the Kemp Natural Resources Station should check in with Station staff upon arrival. This will inform Station staff of one’s safe arrival and provide the opportunity for orientation to Station facilities. Group leaders must complete a Kemp User Record before departure. Blank User Records are posted in the Cabin, Kitchen & Dining Hall, and Mead Residence Hall. All guest names must appear on the User Record.

Alcohol Beverages

Wisconsin Administrative Code prohibits possession of open containers of alcohol beverages and consumption of any alcohol beverage on University properties unless specifically permitted. Individuals and groups of legal drinking age who wish to have alcohol beverages on Kemp Station property must submit a signed Alcohol Beverage Policy and User Agreement.


All Kemp Natural Resources Station buildings and vehicles are SMOKE-FREE. Per UW policy, smoking is not permitted near exits and entrances of buildings, except at a reasonable distance (25 feet or more). Smoking includes the burning of any type of lighted pipe, cigar, cigarette, or any other smoking equipment or the use of electronic smoking devices including, but not limited to, an electronic cigarette, cigar, cigarillo, or pipe. Use extreme care when extinguishing burning materials. Dispose of cigarette butts in outdoor urns only.

Speed Limits

Speed limits are 15 miles per hour on all Station roads. The Station is home to an abundant variety of wildlife, including many deer, making speeding hazardous. Also, our neighbors are sensitive to traffic activity. Please SLOW down and enjoy the scenery. Park vehicles only in designated areas.

What to Bring

Blankets, pillows and bed linens are available for users without sleeping bags. Users must provide their own towels, washcloths, and soap. Food service, if required, is the responsibility of the requesting person or group.


All Station buildings have a telephone for visitor use. Long distance calls from Kemp Station must be made with a phone card. In case of emergency, Station visitors may be reached at (715) 356-5575, (715) 358-5667, (715) 892-0391.


Users of the Kemp Natural Resources Station are required to separate recyclable items from their trash. Collection bins are located in all buildings.


Users of the Kemp Natural Resources Station are responsible for their own housekeeping. Visitors must keep clean all areas they are using. Those using Station linens should place their used bedding in the appropriate laundry collection site for their building. Users who do not leave spaces as they found them may be charged an additional cleaning fee.


Kemp Station welcomes the children of visiting researchers, instructors, and conference participants. Agricultural Research Station policy states that: “children should not be put in a situation where their or other’s safety becomes an issue; that they shall not be disruptive to general station activities; and that parental supervision should be maintained while on the station. It is within the authority of station management to see that these guidelines are being followed.” Users traveling with children must complete a Release of Liability form. The parent/guardian is responsible for any injury incurred to or damage caused by children under their care.

Adults leading youth groups in organized activities while on Kemp Station are responsible for the safety and supervision of their participants and do not need to complete Release of Liability forms.


Pets are allowed only in the following pet-friendly buildings with advance permission: Cabin, Office/Lab building, lower level bedrooms and hallway of Mead Residence Hall. NO pets are allowed in the Lodge, Kitchen & Dining Hall, upper level of Mead Residence Hall or the Mead lounge/library. Pets are expected to be under the immediate control of their owners at all times. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after pets and for any damage caused by pets.


Kemp users wishing to have a guest visit them must obtain explicit and prior approval from the station superintendent or office manager. Overnight lodging for a guest may be available but it is dependent upon space availability. Guest lodging is limited in duration and MUST be arranged 48 hours in advance of guest’s arrival. Kemp users are responsible for their guest’s behavior while on the property.


Camping is not permitted on Station property. Persons wishing to camp may do so at nearby state and private campgrounds.

Internet Access

Internet access is available to Kemp users via a wireless network (with password) and data jacks. Wireless network password is provided to users when reservations are confirmed and is available on site. Devices connected to the Kemp Station network by any means must:

  • run up-to-date anti-virus software, when available, and
  • keep all operating system software, device firmware, application software and other software current with the latest security-related patches from the vendor.

In cases where it is not possible to update software or firmware, the device must be protected by other means, such as, but not limited to, a dedicated firewall or limited network access. Kemp Station reserves the right to suspend access to preserve the integrity of the network.


Kemp Station staff will not enter your room without your permission except when:

  • responding to what they consider a serious life and/or health threatening emergency.
  • accompanied by police officers under their authority and responsibility for the purpose of investigation.
  • performing requested, preventive, prescheduled and/or emergency maintenance.
  • retrieving property belonging to the Kemp Natural Resources Station.
  • removing an illegal pet.
  • in the absence of residents, there is a disruptive noise such as the alarm of a clock or a stereo playing at a disturbing level.
  • conducting non-emergency inspection, repairs and/or custodial tasks.

Staff is required to report any station policy violations or legal violations they observe in a room. No room will be searched except where staff has reasonable evidence to believe an immediate search is necessary to resolve a serious life or health threatening situation. Appropriate legal authorities may search rooms.


As a UW-Madison facility, Kemp Station adheres to the University’s provisions as they apply to Wisconsin’s concealed carry law:

  • Signs have been posted on all building entrances informing individuals that firearms and weapons continue to be prohibited in station buildings.
  • No employee shall carry a firearm or other weapon at any time while in the course and scope of employment unless it is necessary as determined or approved by the chancellor or Chief Riseling.
  • The law allows the university to ban concealed weapons at outdoor events.
  • The university will continue to ban the open carry of firearms and other weapons at all times and in all places on station property.
  • If you see a person who is not a police officer in uniform carrying a weapon in a Kemp Station building, notify Kemp Superintendent, Tom Steele. Do not assume a person has a license. Think “safety first” and if you err, please err on the side of caution.


Individuals staying in the Cabin or Mead Residence Hall can request a building or room key, respectively, for the duration of their stay. A deposit of $75.00 deposit is required per key and a Key Issue Form must be submitted. Per § UWS 18.06 (12) Wis. Adm. Code –KEYS. (a) No person may duplicate a university key or request the unauthorized duplication of a university key. (b) No person may transfer any university key from an individual entrusted with its possession to an unauthorized person, or be in unauthorized possession of a university key. (c) Keys in the possession of an unauthorized person may be confiscated. Your deposit will be returned to you when you return the key. Failure to return the key upon check-out will result in forfeiture of your deposit.