Short- and long-term lodging is available at Kemp Station to individuals and groups with programs consistent with the Station mission:

Kemp Natural Resources Station is a University of Wisconsin-Madison facility managed by the College of Agricultural & Life Sciences and dedicated to programs of research, instruction, and outreach concerning the management, conservation, and the sustainable use of northern Wisconsin’s natural resources.

  • RESEARCH: Studies related to the ecology, management, conservation, and preservation of northern Wisconsin’s natural resources qualify. Researchers must be affiliated with the University of Wisconsin-Madison, other research or educational institutions, public and private agencies, or non-governmental conservation organizations. If you are uncertain if your research qualifies, please contact Karla at 715-358-5667 or Scott at 715-892-0391.
  • INSTRUCTION: Only official university or college courses listed in the timetable are considered Instructional use.
  • OUTREACH: Persons or groups conducting public education workshops or classes.
  • CONFERENCE/MEETING: Persons and groups conducting conferences, meetings, or workshops.