2023 Outreach Sessions

Wildlife Mini-Symposium
Saturday, February 4, 8 am – Noon
UW-Madison graduate and post-doc students will present 15 minute talks about student research projects on a variety of wildlife related topics.

Oak wilt: understanding and avoiding this increasing threat to the Northwoods
Friday, April 21, 7:00 pm
Presented by Dr. Glen Stanosz, UW-Madison emeritus professor of tree and forest health

The lethal disease oak wilt can have devastating impacts in forests, on recreational properties, along our streets, and in our yards. Recognized in southern and central Wisconsin since the 1940’s, the oak wilt fungus has spread unchecked, and now is found in our northern forests. Decades of study, beginning at UW-Madison, have revealed the details of this exotic pathogen’s lifestyle, and led to guidelines that can greatly reduce oak wilt occurrence. UW-Madison Emeritus Professor of Tree and Forest Health Glen Stanosz will review the history and biology of this disease, and the practices involved in preventing further spread and damage to our northern Wisconsin oaks.


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